LinguaDict Pro

LinguaDict Pro ist the outstanding dictionary app from Linguatec. Reliably look up keywords at any time, no matter where you are, and hear them read aloud.



LinguaDict Pro

Your reliable companion for work, study and travel.

With the professional LinguaDict Pro German-English/English-German dictionary which has over 433,000 entries, thousands of declination and conjugation tables as well as brilliant offlinevoice output, you have the perfect companion for school, studying, work or traveling. Both the dictionary database and the voice output are fully loaded onto your device and are available offline.

To incease your enjoyment, the "Joke of the day" function is integrated into LinguaDict Pro.

LinguaDict Pro is a universal and user-friendly app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. In future, you will no longer have to struggle to carry heavy dictionaries around and you will always have the right word to hand.



LinguaDict Pro supplies precise translations for a vast corpus of words, including excellent offline voice output for all English entries (American and British English).


Once installed on your device, the complete corpus of words and the English voice output are available offline. This is especially practical if there is no (or poor) internet connection or in order to save on expensive charges when abroad. Buy once and you are guaranteed to have no subsequent costs!


In addition to a comprehensive corpus of words from 53 specialist subject areas, the LinguaDict Pro dictionary contains translations with detailed labeling. The part of speech, gender and subject area are shown, amongst other things, as well as inflection tables for verbs and nouns.


Through automatic word suggestions, LinguaDict Pro can supply fast translations even while you are entering the word.


Structured translation results including colored markings.


Powerful dictionary database with excellent offline voice output – a must-have for professional translation when working and studying.


A new English joke every day. With dictionary links and reader function in British and American English.



Professional reference work for German and English with over 433,000 dictionary entries.
Includes 2 languages directions: German -> English and English -> German.
The up-to-date corpus includes specialist terms from 53 subject areas, including economics and technology, medicine, automobile technology, gastronomy, art and architecture …. Inflection tables for 14,440 verbs and 87,700 nouns.

Voice output:

Includes excellent offline voice output for all English entries. British or American English voice variants are available.
Sophisticated voice output options allow speed, pitch and voice quality to be adapted.


Incremental search function: Search closes in letter by letter on the correct term.
You can either search specifically for one term or scroll though the list of entries.
If you are unsure about pronunciation, every English search term and its translation can be read aloud.

Cross-references between translation entries allow rapid understanding of the correct meaning of the word.
User-defined option for setting the number of translation results.
Clear history list shows the most recently used search terms. The content of this list can be cleared by tapping the Trash icon. This convenient function can be used to compile and learn a vocabulary list.
Landscape mode is supported!

Joke of the day:

Hear the joke read in British and American English and have fun with it. Just click on the Smiley for it to break out into hearty laughter. And over and over again in a different way. A Push function, which can be deactivated when not required via the settings, will provide you with a daily reminder of your new "Joke of the day". In this way your joke archive, which is also equipped with a comfortable search and favourites function, will grow steadily.

LinguaDict Pro provides you with expert support for learning and reference at an optimal price-performance ratio.

Overview of LinguaDict Pro

Product LinguaDict Pro
Language direction German-English, English-German
Extensive dictionary Over 433,000 dictionary entries
Subject areas 53
Declination tables Yes (87,700)
Conjugation tables Yes (14,440)
Search history Yes
Voice output Offline voice output for English
Voice Female
Regional voice variants British and American English
Joke of the day Yes
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