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Professional German offline dictionary, including a thesaurus and image database with 180.000 words and phrases, 500.000 entries regarding meanings, synonyms, examples of use, grammar, 8.000 image entries, translations into up to 40 languages …. for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


SmartDict, your reliable partner for school, study, career, and when you’re travelling.


Professional Offline Dictionary including offline image database:

  • 180.000 words and phrases

  • 8.000 offline pictures

  • Integrated thesaurus with synonyms and antonyms

  • Pronunciation guides in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)

  • Thousands of detailed inflection tables

  • Translations in up to 40 languages

  • Comprehensive definitions including root word origins, related terms and much more (hyphenation rules, diminutives, super- and subordinate terms, frequent word combinations, derived terms, dialect words...)

  • Through countless examples and the helpful notes on spelling, origin, grammar and style, you’ll find out every interesting thing there is to know about the extensive vocabulary and the various uses of the German language.

Well thought out user concept:


Mark the most interesting items as your favorites, so you can find them quickly at a later time.


Personalize your dictionary by integrating your own comments into its entries.

Font size:

Adjust the font size to your needs in a flexible and convenient way.

History function:

We support your research with the history function: It lets you look at previously visited entries and provides a direct way back! If you want to delete the history, simply press a button!

Additional online picture search:

There is a reason why people say that "A picture says more than a thousand words." And for this reason, we have spared no effort and provide you with an additional online image search to go with our offline dictionary.

Your own colour scheme:

Make yourself at home in your app by picking from 9 different designs to suit your mood today. From Modern Times to Flower Power. How would you like it?

Table of contents:

Forget cumbersome scrolling through long dictionary entries: You can navigate to the article section you want to read with a single tap of your finger! Through the table of contents in every entry, you will save time and stay organized.

A More Efficient Workflow:

Incremental search: With every letter entered into the search window, the app will update the list of suggested dictionary entries. It will know what you are looking for before you finished typing it. You can either find a specific word or quickly browse through the list of index entries.

No more waiting: Thanks to the Live Filter search, search results are provided in real time. Thus, SmartDict is the ideal dictionary to do some quick research in between appointments.

Links between words and corresponding articles let you navigate directly in the dictionary to find out everything you want to know. The links illustrate relationships between terms and add to the exceptional user comfort.

Mobile Solution:

The entire dictionary database including the image archive will be downloaded onto your handset. Therefore, a complete offline use is possible (unless, of course, you want to use the online picture search).

This allows full use of all functionality in airplanes, abroad or even on iPods, without needing access to WiFi.

Thanks to the intelligent dictionary structure and despite the vast amount of content offered, the app will consume no more than 140 MB on your phone.


Product SmartDict
Dictionary scope 180 000 words and phrases

Integrated thesaurus with synonyms, antonyms, and related words

Pronunciation information (IPA)

Comprehensive inflection tables

Translations in up to 40 languages

Exhaustive information to all search terms, including word origin, related words and much more (hyphenation, diminutive forms, super- and subordinate terms, typical word combinations, derived concepts, dialect word usage …)

Countless examples and the helpful notes on spelling, origin, grammar and style
Offline images 8000
Search history with delete function yes
Search function Quick search with Live Filter during data entry
Inflection tables yes
Favourites yes
Favourites history with delete function yes
Add notes function yes
Font size adjustment yes, infinitely adjustable
Online image search yes, optional
Colour schemes for your personalised user interface 9
Table of contents yes
Price 1,79 €
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